The Site

The site currently operates as a business centre on Walnut Tree Close abutting the River Wey footpath on its eastern boundary.

The site and surrounding area is characterised by clusters of traditional homes, subsequent piecemeal infill and more recent, higher density redevelopments.

Historically, the site and northern end of the street remained part of the Dapdune Houses Estate until at least the end of the 19th century. Some two-storey housing emerged in the late 19th and early 20th century. These clusters were never consolidated into one consistent street. Low-rise industrial uses have emerged in the gaps along Walnut Tree Close and remain in a number of locations. A number of these employment locations, particularly at the north end of the street, are now
being developed as 5-8 storey housing.

Importantly, the site is poorly occupied and retains vehicle-focused landscaping with an inactive public realm and creates a significant barrier to the River Wey and the public tow path.


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Planning History

In 2018 – under a former owner – a planning application was submitted for the demolition of the existing buildings on site and proposed a mixed-use development ranging from two to six storeys (18/P/01450).

This application was withdrawn in 2019 due to unresolved issues regarding flooding, and a lack of scheme benefits relating to ecology and diversity.

In 2020, Portland Capital acquired the site with additional land acquired in 2021. New objectives were brought forward to significantly mitigate the risk of flooding. These include an updated hydraulic model coupled with the purchase of additional land which have provided the solution to previous flood risk issues. Placemaking and permeability,  providing  increased sustainability and biodiversity on site.


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