Our Vision

The development of this site presents a real opportunity to revitalise and support the town centre economy whilst delivering new green spaces and providing a diverse range of amenities to serve the local community for many years to come.

Our proposals will seek to:

  • Deliver a range of tailored housing options that support families, individuals and students.
  • Deliver a new riverside park, with a range of planting and seating for local people to enjoy.
  • Integrate at least 20% biodiversity net gain with new planting that is suitable for ecological riverside habitats.
  • Bring social value through new and inclusive amenities, serving existing and emerging communities with an active ground level, potentiality offering co-working space and places to socialise.
  • Provide enhanced permeability through the site by connecting the town, University and the riverside with new walkable routes.
  • Build a future-proof sustainable development, incorporating energy-efficient building solutions and systems to be installed to support long term use and building flexibility, should local needs and demand evolve.
  • Create inviting landscapes and spaces which are accessible to all.
  • Provide ongoing short-term and long-term employment for the town on-site. 
  • Protect the site from flooding aligned with Guildford Council’s Strategy and take every opportunity to assist with flood alleviation (i.e. increased permeability, flood capacity) for the wider area.

For more information you can view our virtual exhibition boards via the link below:

Exhibition Boards


Walnut Riverside divider one

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